Сb Line Radio

Mobile application for voice communication
The Product
CB LINE is a mobile application for voice communication between the users via the Internet (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi), which simultaneously displays the users location on the map. It allows participants to utilize their smartphone or tablet as a walkie-talkie or CB radio.

Own protocols of data transmission and own server architecture.
Exclusively homegrown technology without using any ready-made solutions.
A conversation has begun as soon as you push and press down the button
depicting a microphone on the tabs named ‘Talk and ‘Map’. Audio transmitting and streaming usually
starts with a specific sound signal imitating the behavior mode of traditional radio communication.
The interactive map allows you to see the location of all channel users and the direction of their movements, having previously filtered them by their remoteness from your current location.
Each user can employ an open channel or create their own channel and invite other participants to join them.
All the server architecture components, including data communication protocols, are designed and developed specifically for this project. It is a completely stand-alone technology, which has been domestically engineered, without resorting to any ready-made solutions or services.
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