Сb Line Pro

CB Line Pro is a hardware-software combination system that has been designed to provide communication among the end users and equipped with a subsystem for monitoring and controlling user activities, as well as with a service for tracking, record keeping, and sharing software rights/ownership.
System users
Security agencies
Railway stations/transport terminals
Logistics companies
Cargo and passenger carriers
Cash-in-transit services
Case backstory
The project server architecture has been based on the cloud resources, which allowed us to dynamically expand the ecosystem capacities and to practice economy in terms of system maintenance costs.

The main difficulty in server-based software is that its end users can be some government agencies or establishments. This fact, in turn, has imposed certain obligations on our development team to design and engineer our own original and exclusive software from scratch, without resorting to any foreign services (thus guaranteeing complete autonomy, independence and self-sufficiency).

A successful application for the internet walkie-talkies is impossible without gaining access to some specific devices with very specific capabilities. We have been able to find such devices at the Hong Kong trade expo and to establish business contacts with the local manufacturers.
Group calls
Managing groups and reviewing
Control and monitoring
There is a subsystem of control and monitoring that is also responsible for the implementation of coordinated interaction among users. It has been developed as a desktop application and administration tool for the following operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac.
Manager capabilities
It is possible:
to review and analyze user movements and route, both at the current moment and for any time period in the entire history

to receive the device telemetry data (power level, position and bearings, connection status, etc.)

to instantly get in touch with a user or group of users
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